Consolia uses a recruitment process developed to be as cost-effective as possible when it comes to recruiting employees for our clients’ organisations. We work in teams led by a responsible supervisor. Our working methods, which cover the entire recruitment process, are structured and resource-efficient. We are responsible for all stages, from advertising, administration of applicant correspondence, selection, interviews and references to the presentation of candidates.

Consolia’s recruitment consultants have many years of experience and use tried-and-tested working methods. We can therefore offer our customers a professional and well-planned recruitment process. Thanks to our solid experience of personnel issues and those that are relevant to recruitment, we can safeguard all elements of the process, making each stage easier. In brief: we find the right candidates and do it quickly.
Ultimately, it is often cheaper to employ Consolia as a partner to recruitment work. It also makes it easy to budget the work. In order for you to feel completely confident, we, of course, offer a guarantee.

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