Consolia are specialists in headhunting and search. We use a very well-documented headhunting method that means we can rapidly and effectively find and attract the right candidates within all industries and for all posts. 
The ability to appoint the right person to a key post can be vital for the success of a company, and the candidates most in demand can be difficult to find. Our search work is often about finding candidates with “fresh” expertise – people who currently occupy the relevant post, but in a different organisation.
Headhunting involves us actively searching for and contacting qualified candidates, based on an agreed requirement specification. We ensure that interesting candidates receive a detailed and objective presentation of the relevant post. We always carry out new searches for each assignment. With the help of our headhunting process, we can reach attractive candidates who would not normally apply for the post.
Consolia offers headhunting with short lead times and a high level of quality. Within just 20 working days, we present a number of candidates who all meet the requirement specifications and are interested in the post. We always aim to offer the best candidates available on the market.

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