Our business concept within outsourcing is to increase access to competent personnel. We are a long-term partner in outsourcing and our goal is to provide our clients with personnel on conditions as similar to employment of their own personnel as possible. Our work aims to increase our clients’ workforce simply and effectively in a location where conditions are more favourable in terms of expertise. We do this by providing personnel, offices, equipment and HR administration. In addition, we take complete employer responsibility − everything at a fixed cost with a transparent price image.
Consolia currently primarily offers outsourcing in systems development and programming. These are areas that we have extensive experience of, guaranteeing a good recruitment process and a high level of expertise.

In Belgrade, Serbia, Consolia has a modern office of a high standard, for which we recruit personnel using our efficient recruitment process. The office in Belgrade has a Swedish management team and they run operations based on the guidelines that characterise a modern enterprise.

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