Recruiting and choosing the right employee forms the basis of and creates the right conditions for the future development of the organisation. Recruitment therefore requires a high level of expertise and is one of the most obvious success factors for a company.

Consolia has a well-defined and quality-assured recruitment process. We analyse and always assess different options individually for each assignment in order to find the right recruitment route.

Consolia’s recruitment process

Requirement profile: We create a requirement profile in consultation with you, the client. This throws light on the post from various aspects with a focus on work tasks, training, experience and requirements for personal characteristics, among other things. It also specifies the expertise requirements placed on the employee based on the current situation and in the light of future requirements within the organisation.

Schedule: Prior to each assignment, we produce a schedule for the entire recruitment process, which ensures good advance planning and better planning options for you, the client.

Advertising/search in candidate databases: In order to arouse interest in the post, we market and advertise in suitable media. Furthermore, we carry out searches in external and internal databases. On first contact with the candidates, we highlight the benefits of the post and company.

Selection of candidates: Selection is made using the requirement profile as a basis.

Personal interview: The candidates that best match the requirement profile are called to a personal interview.

Presentation/references taken up: Presentation of suitable candidates is followed up by the taking up of references for those people selected by the client to go further.

Final assessment/offer/salary discussion: Before a decision is made, a complete assessment, based on the requirement specifications, is carried out for the candidates that remain. In addition, the salary level and salary structure are discussed as per the client’s guidelines.
Appointment: Once a candidate has accepted the offer of employment and a written contract of employment has been drawn up, the recruitment process is at an end.
Audit: Audit with the client takes place once the appointment for the post is complete.

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