Thanks to our well-developed headhunting process, we are able to recruit managers and specialists with the right background, expertise and personality based on the demands and requirements of the client. Each recruitment assignment is unique and tailor-made with regard to the recruiting organisation. Thanks to our extensive contact network and our industry expertise, we know where to look.
Consolia’s headhunting process


Requirement profile: We create a requirement profile in consultation with you, the client. This throws light on the post from various aspects with a focus on work tasks, training, experience and requirements for personal characteristics, among other things. It also specifies the expertise requirements placed on the employee based on the current situation and in the light of future requirements within the organisation.

Survey: A survey and research are carried out in order to identify potential candidates. This work includes both examining the selected activities and searching in internal and external databases.
Selection: We contact candidates based on the results of our survey and establish if the candidate is interested in the post, which involves at least a short interview by telephone and collecting CVs.
In-depth interview: An in-depth interview takes place with the most suitable and interesting candidates.
Presentation: After 20 working days, we present a number of qualified and interested candidates for the client to consider.
Appointment: The client takes over and continues with the recruitment process on its own.
Audit: Audit with the client takes place once the appointment for the post is complete.

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