Consolia provides a complete concept within outsourcing that involves us offering both recruitment and staffing, as well as taking responsibility for the employees’ workplace, equipment and ongoing employee welfare. For each new assignment, we produce a work model together with the client. The model includes instructing new employees and providing them with the knowledge and equipment required for work to commence.

For us, each assignment commences with fairly extensive work, and we therefore normally only engage in long-term assignments where we know that we can deliver a cost-effective solution. Furthermore, we always present an open, transparent price, where all costs (salary, tax, administration, etc.) are specified separately.

We strive to achieve long-term and trustful cooperation with our clients, and therefore our work is always characterised by high quality and professionalism.
Based on local standards, we offer our employees a very competitive salary and a good working environment with a modern office, generous work terms and a well thought-out HR policy. That’s why, as an international, stable player, in a city like Belgrade, we have all the prerequisites to recruit and retain qualified employees. That means that we can offer our customers and partners a broad choice of personnel with the right expertise, a high level of commitment and significant loyalty to employers and clients.

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